Everest Base Camp Trekking Tips

Have you ever dreamt of Everest Base Camp Trek? If you are dreaming to head, I’d like to advise some useful tips to make your journey pleasant and memorable to the footage of the world’s highest peak. They are enlisted below:-


Train yourself harder-

You must know EBC trekking involves the long walk of (5-7 hours) per day. A strenuous walk with short coming twist and turn and numerous uphill ascent and downhill descent has no substitution. This needs physical strength and stamina. Physical weakness, dizziness and fatigue will soon catch you if you are not strong enough to adopt.


Train as much as you can. A leg- cardio is highly recommended form of exercise. Try with a little more weight, put on the boots and climb uphill. Try this for couple of days, make it long and harder unless you are confident enough to begin.

Get the right choice:

Everest Base camp trekking is always an adventurous and challenging job to perform. You can make your journey completely solo if you love challenges and pave your own way. Even an experienced and expert guide may be victim of troubles. You must cope with the issues of getting lost, sick and injury by yourself as there’s no helping hand.


There are more than 1,000 certified trekking agency in Nepal which have been providing service over many years. Grab best among them. They will help to make all the arrangements and make your journey safe as they are expert and experienced in this field. Importantly, you don’t need to worry about the lodge, basecamp and the schedule as everything is pre- arranged. If you are a beginner, I suggest to choose a good trekking company with an expert guide and porters to have a delightful journey.

Knowledge about the Basis of the Altitude:

Air gets thinner at higher altitudes and as you go higher and faster your body cannot get the supply of enough oxygen. This causes altitude sickness. Generally, Altitude sickness starts from the height of (3,000 m). EBC trekking starts from Lukla (2,860 m) to the highest base camp, Kalapatthar (5,644 m). There is high probability of getting altitude sickness during the trekking.


Vomiting, Nausea, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping are the basic symptoms and in the case of ignorance people soon lose their visibility power, sense of touching and respective to that. Make a good hydration, sleep, eat and descent downhill as soon as possible to get the heat.

Trek in friendly season :

The favorite season starts from March to May and it is also recommended to trek from September to December. The climate gets hot from May to August and it goes less than zero in December.

First Aid – Kit:

The trekking package of EBC trekking completes in about 12 days or more (depending upon itinerary) along with the strenuous walk of (5 – 7 hours) per day. General leg pain, accidental injury, headache, fatigue etc. are common to happen during long trekking. It is wise to take a personal medical kit containing all the recommended medicines as altitude sickness is another major problem.

Pack all essentials:

You must be aware of the fact that proper food, water and clothes may not be available to the location you are travelling to. Especially, EBC trekking passes the remote and undeveloped village. So make sure, you carry enough food, water, clothes and other essentials. Some of important essentials are listed below:

  • Sufficient water
  • Down jacket
  • Water proof trekking boot and running boot
  • Woolen sweater, socks and gloves
  • Torch with battery backup
  • All other essentials will be mentioned or advised by trekking company.

Pack a map and guiding book:

You need to get aware of puzzling route and make a right path if you are a lonely trekker. You need to check reference and location frequently to reach the destination in scheduled time.

Design your budget:

Separate some amount to make your personal expenses like shopping and food adventure. Sometimes unexpected and unforeseen expenses makes the total expenditure high than the actual expected budget. So it is wise to carry some extra dollar. The price of goods increases in respective manner as you take uphill ascent to Everest Base Camp.

Inform your relatives:

Design you EBC trekking schedule, its budget and time duration and don’t forget to inform your family, friends and relatives about the trek. This helps them to rescue you soon in the case of emergency as the weather in Khumbu region is unpredictable.

Weather forecast:

Try to get updates about the weather situation frequently and don’t trek further unless it is safe to move. Many trekkers have already lost their life and is counting due to the ignorance of climatic situation. www.mountain-forecast.com is a good site to get updates about the weather.